UX/Interaction Designer



Jiesi Huang (Jessi)

What I do...

Design immersive, interactive digital media products through iterative prototyping and user feedback.

What I believe...

Technology has evolved to allow people to see and experience things that previously belonged only to the realm of imagination. I believe that interactive media can bring ideas to life and create an emotional connection, changing people’s thinking and behaviour.

Who I am...

Designer, developer, experimenter.
I like to explore new media tools, experimenting with concepts and seeing how they can impact people. Experience in the dual disciplines of tech and art has honed my skills in observation and analysis, giving me a perceptive edge in identifying and solving complex digital media problems.

I am a Masters graduate from the Centre of Digital Media (CDM) in Vancouver, Canada, where I had hands-on experiences with the agile methodology. Originally from Singapore, I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering and Media from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

When not immersed in the digital world, I am either writing fantasy narratives with people all over the world on Valucre.com, playing video games, making music with my dizi (flute), or enjoying swing dancing.





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