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STATINA - Scalable, portable touch surface


Touch screens, being intuitive and convenient, have become a popular form of human-computer interaction. Since the trend is moving towards larger and larger screens, there is a demand for alternative technologies that would allow touch screens to be made more affordably.

The STATINA project focuses on developing next generation touch screens that are:

  • Affordable - It involves the use of low-cost shock sensors mounted on any surface to turn it into a touch screen. No special screens are needed.
  • Scalable - Sensors can be mounted closer or further apart from each other to adjust the size of the touch area as needed.   
  • Portable – The whole set-up consists of just the sensors and a DSP board/chip that performs source localization. Thus the system can be brought around easily and mounted as needed.

STATINA is a research and development project that is headed by professor Andy Khong from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). My involvement in this project is twofold: (1) As part of a team of 15, I created games and practical applications using Adobe Flash to demonstrate the use of the STATINA touch screen engine. (2) For my final year project in NTU, I conducted signals analysis using MATLAB to differentiate between fingernail and finger taps so that the system can learn to reject finger taps, which are less accurate.