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People express their thoughts over social media – how do your own thoughts stack up against what the world has to say? You can only view a limited slice of the online world at any one time. Is that an accurate depiction of what the world thinks?

On social media, we only consume information from our friends and from sources we choose to follow. This presents us with a biased view of the world. Tw(p)eeper allows an unbiased platform to view tweets. The illumination from the torch represents how you can only see a small part of the world’s sentiments at any one time. Lighter circles stand for positive sentiments, and the darker circles, negative. When the full picture is revealed, judge for yourself if your interpretation accurately reflects the sentiments viewed as a whole.

Twpeeper 2.jpg


The installation was exhibited in the Centre for Digital Media on August 9, 2017. It is a projection on a large screen, and allows two people to interact with it simultaneously using Wii remotes.

Programmed in Python and Processing.